Monday, December 11, 2017


nathan knows i love to receive photos.
here is his recent text message to me.
photo of the gang from christmas 2016.
photo of the gang this year.
same place.
i think he has the "tradition" gene built in.
he knows i love this stuff.
may all your holiday traditions continue.


we are so playing this game at christmas.
will use our kitchen island.
have the two boxes all set.
have a brand new set of dice from las vegas.
have oven mitts - slightly dirty pair.
need to pick up a santa hat.
need to get a surprise gift.
i can already hear the laughs !

Sunday, December 10, 2017


book club holiday dinner party.
i did wind up wearing socks and shoes - no flip flops tonight.
do you ever get an idea in your head and you just have to fulfill it ?
i got this idea last night.
it was really a backup idea.
my first idea failed when i was unable to locate all 9 book club
books from the past year in this house.
then i remembered after searching forever,
that i never bought the january book.
i borrowed from the library.
so taking a picture of all the books piled up, sending to walgreens
to have 12 copies made in one hour or less, driving to pick them up, 
finding cute frames to put them in and wrap each one up is no longer an option.
idea # 2 now needs to become reality.
this idea is a little more time consuming.
but hey, i have almost 24 hours to make it happen.
download template here.
find picture of spine for missing book on internet.
draw each title.
run through copier.
reduce size to 95% to fit in a 4x6 frame.
check ikea online for availability of frames in stock.
narrow down to 2 frame options.
drive to ikea.
find a 4x6 picture frame in a store the size of rhode island.
stand in line behind a couple redoing their entire house in ikea furniture.
think about all the fun they are going to have this week.
think about all the washers, nuts and screws are in those boxes.
make a rough estimate.
laugh again - quietly inside my head.
go home.
make 12 copies on thick white cardstock.
trim each one.
open up each frame - why does this cellophane wrapping what to stick to my hand?
check time on clock.
pick up the pace.
load hand drawn xerox copy into each frame.
press those little tabs on the back of each frame.
dust with shirt and add a bow.
love it when an idea turns into a cute, pinterest worthy gift.
stayed up past my bedtime.
lots of laughs, drinks and food tonight.


i am cold just watching this game on tv.
i am laughing at the ice skating plays.
i am searching for the football as if it where waldo.
i am cheering for the bills in overtime.
nice win guys !
i am dreaming of snow, freezing toes, bone chilling wind & watering eyes.
just kidding.
i am actually trying to find an outfit i can wear tonight with flip flops.

Saturday, December 9, 2017


special cousin kris kringle package was mailed out yesterday.
today we are headed to barnes and nobles for two more gifts.
searched the internet to help nate and colin with their book ideas.
found 4 ideas.
made them research each one and pick.
they based their choices on goodbooks reviews.
two titles in hand.
off to book store.
headed straight to the customer service desk
to seek assistance with our requests.
friendly person types away forever on her little computer.
really - the title only has 4 words in it.
she promptly heads us through the store to
the best sellers cases in the front of the store.
"see this empty spot here?"
colin and i adjust our invisible glasses & nod.
we confirm that there is an empty spot on the shelf.
"this is were the book you want goes."
"we are out of it"
well, thank you for the show and tell.
perhaps you could of prepared us for this unveiling back at the 
customer service desk 200 steps ago.
maybe this is in the employee handbook.
rule one - show customer that there is no books available - 
do not tell them about this in advance !
ok - can you help us with title #2 on our list ?
200 steps later &more typing on the computer.
"we are out of that title also"
i believe she was actually going to take us to the empty
spot on the shelf again but we quickly avoided that scene again.
my heart could not handle the sight twice in one day.
good news - the boys have obviously picked great
cousin kris kringle books.
bad news - barnes and nobles didn't think to maybe
stock up on them.
but i have connections and her name is amazon !
by the time we reached the car,
amazon had already received my order and i
received her 20 digit confirmation code !
late breaking email received last night.
book club holiday dinner party tomorrow.
humm - what party favor can i bring when we didn't read
a december book ?
wheels are spinning in my head.
ideas are forming.
obsessed with idea.
next, must find all 9 books we have read this year.
this is a small challenge but i am ready for it.

Friday, December 8, 2017


thank you for sending some holiday weather our way.
it was actually exciting to wake up and see some snow on the ground.
no snow day for colin.
sorry dude !
this little snowman on our neighbors lawn 
was gone by lunch time.
i wish i had a ruler - it was a whopping 8 inches tall.
break out the holiday boxes.
the christmas spirit has arrived.


thank you santa for sending my christmas present early this year.
i woke up at 330am to find it on my netflix account.
i couldn't wait to open it until christmas.
i hope you don't mind !
season two of the crown has arrived.
3:31 am.
watching episode one in bed with a cup of coffee.
really - great way to start a friday morning.
great episode.
temptation to watch episode two
BUT i resisted.
very proud of myself.
need to not binge watch this season.
keep you posted on that binge diet.

Thursday, December 7, 2017


did you think i needed some holiday cheer today ?
nothing says its beginning to feel a lot like christmas like a
dusting of white confectionery sugar !
turned the furnace on.
snapped some photos.
made a fire in the fireplace.
colin's third time actually seeing and remembering snow.
the street was filled with families tonight
as we all opened our doors to stare at the wonder.
colin is already dreaming of a snow day tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


had to take a christmas break from the to-do list today.
life decided to get in the way.
early morning ortho appointment.
one mental health sick day for colin.
one video produced by me today for colin
for his spanish project.
humm - any correlation between his mental health
sick day and project deadline ?
he is not a procrastinator - so i won't ask.
one roaring fire tonight after a cold day.
high was only 51 degrees.
still have not turned the furnace on.
and yes, colin does have his christmas blanket wrapped around him.
still need to snatch that back, wrap it 
and put it under the christmas tree.
need to add that to my christmas planner book.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


4:37 am.
cards ordered.

Monday, December 4, 2017


steve put up the christmas tree yesterday.
humm - i think it has been on a year long diet.
the tree shirt could probably eat it for a snack.
maybe i'll take a pair of scissors to the tree skirt -
got to get those proportions looking better.
please do not zoom into this photo.
you might scare the dust bunnies that have moved into the front room.
i would love to vacuum them up but they have been living
here so long that they are a part of the family now.
need to buy them a christmas gift also.
add that to my cute christmas planner book.
random note - i take photos of the weather.
see attached as proof.
not sure why i do this.
i'll ask the next time i'm lying down talking to a doctor.
4am - determined to get these christmas cards ordered.
hit enter order button.
spinning - spinning - spinning.
i'll wait 5 more minutes.
still spinning.
i'll wait 10 more minutes.
still spinning.
google this situation and yes, i am not the only person in the world
experiencing this "checkout" problem with shutterfly.
good to know.
maybe a happy new year card this year.
move this project to tomorrow's to-do list.
1030am - ring doorbell sings it's magical song.
two options - click on phone to see if this is a person or
just the bunnies having fun outside my front door
OR get out of my chair and open the front door.
option #2 - it's your lucky day.
yeah - it's our mailman.
has a heart attack to see that i am actually not wearing my pajamas.
check with ed and erin for details on this past story.
he has a box of sweet smelling oranges for me.
and i do not have his christmas card for him.
add that to my cute christmas planner.
i can already taste the fresh squeezed mimosa.
need to find the juicer attachment for the kitchen aid.
need to add buy a case of champagne to my christmas planner.
need to accept this box and stop adding things to my to-do list.
he is still wearing plaid shorts and a plaid shirt.
anorectic christmas tree - no christmas cards ordered yet 
& fresh squeezed oj for my mimosas.
i'll plump up those branches today & find the juicer attachment.
those darn cards are on hold today.

Sunday, December 3, 2017


nothing like singing a christmas carol at church today 
to get ya back in the holiday spirit.
christmas at the movies series began.
beauty and the beast was todays sermon.
snatched this photo after church of random people standing 
with the cast.
line was too long for me to stand in.
but i did really want my photo with beast.
add watch beauty and the beast movie to my netflix watchlist.
i can't believe i never saw this movie - ever.
what's up with the talking teapot and walking table?
need to revisit my childhood years.
sippel kris kringle cousin book exchange lives on!
wrote down each boy with their cousin's name -
can't trust this brain to remember anything these days.
back to christmas card project.
2 hours later - still no perfect card.
maybe i'll skip christmas cards this year.
move this to tomorrow's to-do list.
wow - i feel better now !

Saturday, December 2, 2017


i need to work on my santa hat drawing ability.
must have missed that day in art class.
we look more like elves.
still makes me smile when i walk by the mantel.
todays holiday goal.
very simple - order christmas cards.
found the perfect photo of the boys.
spent hours picking out the right card, the right color,
the right words, right size, right corner edges.
uploaded photo.
ready to place order.
what is low resolution ?
basically means i have wasted all afternoon !
deep breath.
maybe i'll send out a happy new year card.
washed my sorrows in college football & 
cheeseburgers on the grill.

Friday, December 1, 2017


this can stand for dear diary or december daily or dilly, dilly.
really - this is how you want to start the month !
packet of equal dove into my cup this am.
ok - i'm up for the challenge and laughs.
really - what else can you do when your morning starts like this !
i am going to rebel today.
i am not going to turn the calendar page.
ha - not ready for december today.
maybe tomorrow.

Thursday, November 30, 2017


today's gratitude journal.
colin's dog walking project for school.
sunny days - mid 70's this week.
safe international travels.
leftover pizza for dinner.
turning the calendar page to december tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


today's gratitude journal.
to-do lists.
amazon deliveries.
mom's world famous cheeseburgers for dinner -
aka mighty fine take-out.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


today's gratitude journal.
being able to get out of bed.
book club lunch with TENS unit on.
still having book club "party favor" fun.
cowboys and indians this month.
new episode of fixer upper tonight.
staying awake for entire episode of fixer upper.
shared a frozen dinner with colin tonight.
late night face time calls.

Monday, November 27, 2017


today's gratitude journal.
threw out my back.
flat on my back.
living on T&C #3 today.
called in sick to work.
6:00pm - steve picked up a TENS unit for me.
6:30pm - i am now vertical and out of bed.

Sunday, November 26, 2017


today's gratitude journal.
taking pictures of the boys learning
how to change a flat tire !
egg bake brunch.
grocery shopping for justin and nathan.
downtown trips to dorms & apartments.
"and then there was three."

Saturday, November 25, 2017


today's gratitude journal.
remembering to take a photo of all my dudes!
not often they are all under one roof.
lunch at the rock - again.
college football.
afternoon naps.
leftover dinners.
sunny warm days in november.
doesn't get any better than this !

Friday, November 24, 2017


today's gratitude journal.
sleeping in on black friday.
lunch at the rock with my dudes.
college football on tv.
going to stony point high school football
game at the palace.
popcorn in little brown bags.
cheering for the home team.
high school marching bands.
catching up with olde friends.

Thursday, November 23, 2017


today's gratitude journal.
thankful for so many things.
happy thanksgiving to all !

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


today's gratitude journal.
text messages from justin !
a hubby who loves to do thanksgiving errands.
waking up to a full house -
everyone is home for a long weekend !
a full refridge for tomorrow !

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


todays gratitude story.
1:45pm - "mom, the internet is down"
1:46pm - "mom, the internet is still down"
1:47pm - "mom, i've tried resetting the internet - it's still down"
(yes dude - i'm at a stand still with office work also - let's give it 15 minutes, then we'll
trouble shoot.)
1:48pm - i hear the sound of the dishwasher being emptied.
1:49pm - love the internet being down
1:50pm - hear glass shattering on kitchen floor
1:51pm - "mom, need a little help in the kitchen"
2:10pm - spend 19 minutes cleaning up glass
2:11pm - "mom, the internet is up"
how to spend 21 minutes without the internet !
colin's latest lego creation.
very creative.
still love the sound of colin searching for the
one lego piece in the big box of legos.
still love stepping on a random lego on the floor.
good stuff !

Monday, November 20, 2017


todays gratitude journal.
amazon international shipping.
lego lovers.
iphone pictures!
nice job finn !
still cheering for the buffalo bills y'all !

Sunday, November 19, 2017


todays gratitude journal.
thankful series continues at church.
eggs benedict for brunch.
supporting the buffalo bills & watched the entire game.
colin's favorite danish loaf bread was available at HEB.
surprise treat from steve - see above photo - 
he saw it at the store and picked it up for me today !!
loaded october photos into project life binder.
ali edwards order arrived early in yesterdays mail.
laundry done. ice dispenser fixed. light bulbs changed.
to-do list getting shorter !
colin on thanksgiving break - whole week off !

Saturday, November 18, 2017


todays gratitude journal.
wasting time on pinterest.
text messages from justin.
lunch at the rock with steve.
UT won - on the road & secured a bowl.
college football - all day & evening.
kentucky fried chicken for dinner -
our biannual treat !